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Kirkpatrick Communications is a Silicon Valley public relations firm with almost 30 years experience helping high technology companies bring their products and services to market.

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Search Engine Optimization in Public Relations

Web 2.0 and Search Engine Optimization are key buzzwords these days. This is short discussion on how to drive more traffic to your site, how to be more visible on the web and how to elevate your standings on search engines by using two basic PR principles. Read this article.

Banner Ad's Smarter Little Cousin

Text Trumps Graphics

Banner ads, when done well, remain an effective advertising tool. But I've found something very interesting when running digital campaigns that mix banner ads with text ads. Text ads draw 6 to 10 times more response than do graphical ads!

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Get this Book for the Teenager in Your Life

Written by Bruce Kirkpatrick

Hard Left is the coming-of-age story of Cody Calhoun. A typical teenager growing up in Northern California, Cody likes music, athletics, friends and girls. But fate enters his life in the form of Mitchell Burke, a hard-driving physical therapist who introduces Cody to amateur bicycling racing. As he is drawn into this fast-paced, demanding world, Cody is swept along for the ride of his life. Filled with adventure, romance, intrigue and a little danger, Hard Left is a story about trusting yourself to pursue your dreams no matter where that road may take you.

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