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Raising Brand Awareness and Cross-Sell Opportunities
with Internet Advertising

Advertising has migrated from print media to the Internet in a big way. And for good reason: Internet advertising costs less and delivers better results. We have managed numerous online ad campaigns for our clients. Read how one client raised their brand awareness and cross-selling opportunities with an online campaign that utilized both Web site and emailed newsletter ads.

Search Engine Optimization in Public Relations

Search Engine Optimization--SEO for short--is a key buzzword these days. While I'm not an expert in some of the technical intracrasies (I can refer you to several people who are), I can share a few tips of how you can make your Website search engine-friendly just by thoughtfully developing the content of your site. What's more, its all done by utilizing two long-proven Public Relations principals.

Better Trade Show Marketing

Saving Money at Trade Shows
Trim, Don't Eliminate, Your Expenditures

The go-go days of the '90's are gone forever. Thank goodness! Today's smaller, less chaotic, more focused industry events can work to your advantage.

Index of News and Articles

Internet Advertising
Raising Brand Awareness and Cross-Sell Opportunities
Banner Ads Smarter Little Cousin
Words can outperform graphical ads
Be more visible on the web and drive more traffic to your site
Solutions in Advertising
Look for a big idea that fits the strategy perfectly, making the reader stop when they see it, and that can be used over time to build brand loyalty. Includes four interesting case studies
"Only" the Logo
Logos, like any piece of art, are very subjective. What does your logo say about your company?
Saving Money at Trade Shows
Be smart about how you plan your trade show participation. You'll be more effective and save money at the same time.
Creating a Media Plan
Organize your plan using a media timetable.
Don't Confuse Publicity With Public Relations
Publicity is just one form of public relations.
Another good idea? Build consensus first.
There is seldom a shortage of good ideas. The biggest hurdle is gaining a consensus on which good idea to use.
Gaining Free Publicity
Techniques for taking advantage of free publicity
Be Outrageous!
Getting your press release to stand out from the crowd
Go, Browns? How About, Go Students!
There is good public relations and there is bad public relations. Take a tip from this example.
New Year's PR Resolutions
Here are a few commitments worth making.
What Can Public Relations Do for You?
Before embarking on a public relations campaign, define what you want to accomplish.
Stand Out from the Crowd
Technology has enabled us all to send multitudes of messages a myriad of ways. People feel overwhelmed. Don't add to their misery
Community-based Sponsorship
I'm not advocating your company sponsors fireworks displays. Look for opportunities to build a sense of contribution to your community.
Marsupial Marketing
Advertising is dead, so why bother?