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Be Outrageous!  

In a conversation with an editor of a national publication not too long ago, he commented, "I get over a thousand press releases a week." He said it nonchalantly, but I was amazed. One thousand! How would a press release I send ever stand out from the crowd, the huge crowd.

A marketing wiz from a mountain bike clothing manufacturer had an answer. Make the press release a little outrageous. Now mountain bike magazine editors are a little outrageous to begin with, so you may have to interpret this to your particular industry.

A new line of biking shorts had a name very similar to a popular tequila. So close the connection was apparent. The clothing manufacturer sent a press package that included an airline size bottle of the tequila, some chips and salsa, fun instructions on how to have a "salsa party," a pair of the biking shorts and the press release. It was all packaged in one of those tubes that posters are shipped in. When the marketing wiz called to follow up with the editors, every single editor remembered the release and all were appreciative of the innovation of the package. When you receive 1000 releases a week, one that includes tequila certainly stands out. The biking shorts got great coverage in all the magazines.

So next time you're writing that press release, remember two things: 1000 and tequila.