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New Year's PR Resolutions 

In the spirit of the New Year, let's jump on the resolution bandwagon. Here are a few commitments worth making this year:

  1. I resolve to always ask my customers how good my product or service is before jumping to my own conclusions.

  2. I resolve to be enthusiastic, energetic and excited about new products or services when talking to customers or the press.

  3. I resolve to always tell the truth about what I can deliver and when I can deliver it. (See # 2 above).

  4. I resolve to know what my competition is doing so I can figure out what I have to do to stay ahead of the competition.

  5. I resolve to listen more than I speak. (See # 1 above).

  6. I resolve to set aside creative time to think, investigate, experiment, wonder, explore, imagine and dream on a regular basis.

  7. I resolve to not always be precisely practical, taking chances every once in a while, even those not precisely calculated.

  8. I resolve to keep myself and my outlook and my effort renewed, refreshed and revitalized. (See # 6 above).

  9. I resolve to be diligent, to tell is like it is, to never settle for just OK, to not pull punches, to go the extra mile and - to not overuse clichés.

  10. I resolve to be accessible - to my customers, to my employees, (to my family) - and to answer phone messages promptly.

  11. I resolve to fulfill the job requirements of every job I tackle. If I cannot do the job, I won't accept the job, I'll refer the job to someone who can.

  12. I resolve to not be tied to my resolutions, to adapt and change when necessary. (See all of the above).