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Stand out from the Crowd  

A survey conducted by Gannett News Service said 71% of employees in Fortune 1000 companies feel overwhelmed by the number of messages they receive each day. Here's the average number of messages received daily per worker:

  • 31.8 phone calls
  • 13.6 e-mail messages
  • 11.2 voice mail messages
  • 3.9 pager messages
  • 8.8 faxed documents
  • 5.1 telephone message slips
  • 6 Post-it notes

That's over 80 a day or 10 an hour in a regular workday! These facts alone should alter your thinking about Public Relations. This survey is now a few years old. You could add in Text Messages, cell phone calls and messages, PDA messages, and well, you get the point.

Your "message" may be getting lost among the 80 others received every day. This tip is simple: find a way to stand out in the crowed field of messages. Make it new, make if fresh, make it come alive. Because technology has enabled us all to send multitude of messages a myriad of ways. People feel overwhelmed. Don't add to their misery, rescue them from it.