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Over the Labor Day holiday I took my family to a Major League baseball game that featured fireworks after the game. Throughout the evening the loudspeaker boomed that the display was sponsored by JC Penny. I remember that and I probably won't buy more clothes at Pennys, but at least the notion that they sponsored those fireworks sticks in my mind.

There's a local bank in our community that sponsors the 4th of July fireworks and many other community events. I suspect they have a certain percentage of their marketing budget set aside for all sorts of similar requests.

No, I'm not advocating your company sponsors fireworks displays. But look for opportunities to build a sense of contribution to your clientele base, your "community." Could you contribute older model computers to a local school? Could you sponsor a kid's soccer team? Could you make a contribution to a local library or museum? The needs are certainly there in our communities and it could build your good name at the same time.