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Solutions in Advertising 

awareness — > preference — > loyalty

Advertising builds awareness, which leads to preference, which can lead to loyalty for a product or company.

By studying the product and the competition, a position or a promise can be invented to make customers more likely to buy your brand. An image or a personality is developed and a language that your customers can relate to is used to create the ad.

We look for a big idea that fits the strategy perfectly, making the reader stop when they see it, and that can be used over time to build brand loyalty.

Examples of Solution-driven Advertising

Read these case studies to stimulate your own thinking about how better advertising can help your brand.

  1. Gel-Pak; After a series of acquisitions, even the firm's customers had no awareness of the range of products offered

  2. Ask Elliott; Driving traffic to the company's Website

  3. High Vacuum Apparatus; Creating an image for a company that had not advertised in years

  4. Siliconrax-Sliger; Series of ads aimed at a Generation X readership

  5. HVA: a plain, ole product brought to life