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The problem:  new ownership realized that customers didn't know the breadth of Gel-Pak's product line. They knew "sticky boxes" which are used to package delicate devices, like semiconductors, but didn't know much else about the company. Advertising and direct mail had not been used in the past to build company or product identity.

The solution:  we created memorable images and striking graphics to set Gel-Pak apart from the many boring, technical ads appearing in the technical publications where we would be advertising. Instead of a 2-page ad, we created an insert (front and back), had it printed for a great price and had it inserted into several magazines for much less that 2 page ads would have cost.

The corporate message is on the front page and product specifics adorn the back. A series of half-page product also ran along with the insert to create product preference. Since the campaign began, Gel-Pak's web traffic has significantly increased each month as the ad pointed customers to the site for more information and product samples. The campaign ran for two years.