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Website Planning and Development 

We donít design web sites.  We work with you to ensure your web site fits your business communication goals. Of course, we can recommend several developers we work with who are excellent at making sites attractive, easy to navigate, and easy to use.

We can also recommend content and style that helps promote your marketing messages and makes it easy for customers, prospects and the press to understand what makes you special in the marketplace.

Service Examples

  • Review, Analyze, Recommend
    We can review and analyze your existing Website, as well as those of your key competitors, in order to develop a set of recommendations for making the most of your online presence.

  • Organize a Project Team
    We can work with your current Website support team, whether they are internal staff or external consultants. We can also make recommendations and advise you on the selection of new service providers.

  • Project Management
    Whether you are contemplating revisions to your current Website or a whole new site we can provide the project management necessary to achieve the desired results on time and within budget.

  • Website Content Development
    Writing for the Web is a specialized form of written communication that takes advantage of this unique medium. Effective Web copy will be written more tersely than copy for print publications. We can help you determine both what to say and how to say it.

Website Integration

Everything you do on the Internet should be integrated with all your means of communication, including print, trade show participation, even the spoken words of your sales and service personnel. As your marketing consultant we can help you make sure that a high degree of integration is achieved.

Summary of Services

Say it often; say it well
Strategic Marketing
Move beyond the piecemeal approach and adopt a strategic marketing campaign
High Tech PR
High tech firms have special needs when it comes to public relations
Marketing Communications
Your print & broadcast media ads, marcom literature and Website should work harmoniously for maximum results
Website Planning and Development
Your Website can be the hub of an integrated, cross-media communications strategy
E-mail Marketing
Taking an active approach to bring people to your Website
Trade Show Planning & Execution
The landscape of trade shows has changed dramatically.
Staff Training
Make certain your employees are equipped to face the competition
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