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E-mail Marketing 

Personalization, lower costs and the possibility of immediate fulfillment are three excellent reasons to consider an e-mail marketing program.

E-mail Marketing Services

We assist clients with the development and deployment of e-mail messaging campaigns. We do not participate in sending spam, so please don't ask!

The most effective e-mail marketing activities are permissions-based. Your constituents request notification when there is meaningful news to share. You hold up your part of the bargain by writing to them only when that is the case.

You readers are given the opportunity to remove themselves from your mailing list.

We help you remain compliant with evolving standards of Internet etiquette.

Above: Three examples of richly-formatted e-mail messages. Each of these files was optimized for fast loading. In addition, a text-based version was automatically delivered to those who indicated a preference for text-based messages.

Summary of Services

Say it often; say it well
Strategic Marketing
Move beyond the piecemeal approach and adopt a strategic marketing campaign
High Tech PR
High tech firms have special needs when it comes to public relations
Marketing Communications
Your print & broadcast media ads, marcom literature and Website should work harmoniously for maximum results
Website Planning and Development
Your Website can be the hub of an integrated, cross-media communications strategy
E-mail Marketing
Taking an active approach to bring people to your Website
Trade Show Planning & Execution
The landscape of trade shows has changed dramatically.
Staff Training
Make certain your employees are equipped to face the competition
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