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Ineffective advertising is a huge waste of energy and money. We've been helping high tech companies mount sucessful advertising campaigns for more than a decade.


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Banner ads, when done well, remain an effective advertising tool. But I've found something very interesting when running digital campaigns that mix banner ads with text ads. Text ads draw 6 to 10 times more response than do graphical ads!

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Client Example: Process Specialties

When Process Specialties needed an attractive, clean, to the point ad to introduce their new product, they came to us. We piggybacked on a theme they had created with moving billboards at a major trade show. Even though we donít often us black backgrounds and reverse type, it works for this ad.

Then the black and white ad morphed into products ads and finally testimonials, both for English speaking markets and Asian markets.

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This "moving billboard" captured audience attention
from the sidewalks near a major industry trade show.

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  • Project planning and management
  • Copy writing
  • Recommend and supervise creative people
  • Media placement

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Say it often; say it well
Strategic Marketing
Move beyond the piecemeal approach and adopt a strategic marketing campaign
High Tech PR
High tech firms have special needs when it comes to public relations
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Your print & broadcast media ads, marcom literature and Website should work harmoniously for maximum results
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Your Website can be the hub of an integrated, cross-media communications strategy
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Taking an active approach to bring people to your Website
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The landscape of trade shows has changed dramatically.
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Make certain your employees are equipped to face the competition
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